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December 30, 2010

Hi guys! After a harsh couple of days, I decided to come back here again; to my own piece of web space. In the recent days, I got myself completely entangled due to an abrupt set of technical difficulties pertaining to my computer. Its doing a Sicily on me with its constant and intermittent disruptions about what not.
P.S. Let the grammar be. Its not inadvertent.
Anyway, regarding my computer, don't even get me started there. There I was on the night of December 29th, minding my own business, writing some super cool C++ programs, eating chocolate cookies and shaking my feet from time to time; but that was not to be. By the way, all the aforesaid in Windows 7 (except the cookie eating part and one more). It was then that my programs won't get build and obviously won't run, all that due to Signor 'ERROR 0*80070571'. Apparently, either my disk were unreadable and corrupted, or a raccoon got inside my CPU cabinet, successfully identified and scratched the clusters belonging to my Windows 7 root volume. As the chances of later were more likely (I'm being sarcastic), I decided to give up a good night of sleep and venture on to save my volume from further mishappenings. I never had a penchant for unforseen ramifications, so I did a little here, a little there and at 6 p.m. IST today, I got the better of previously alluded Signor.


Signor 0*80070571->

My Windows 7 is ruuning (almost) perfectly, yet again beside the others.
Before I conclude, I would like to state that I'm open to presents if anyone is planning to gift me a 4 GB DDR2 RAM. Its New Year's, remember!


December 29, 2010

Its 4 o' clock in the morning, just the time when my powers of thinking culminate, and I'm struck by the idea to etch something on my blogpage. I haven't been writing lately; now I am. There's too much going on in my mind right now. As one of my handful of friends aptly put it a few days back, there's far too much in the offing. I kind of wished that came out of my mouth. Anyway, among those imminent, one is the forthcoming placement day. It's supposed to be CTS, and I can't believe that someone has put up a RSVP on facebook for that. They intend to make you nervous in case you are thinking you're strong enough not to be sidelined by trepidation. I know it is indeed a great deal, you just don't need to make a big deal out of the great deal. It reminds me that while watching the Manchester United v Birmingham city match tonight, I came up with a proverb. In most likeliness, it was Jon Champion who elicited Birmingham city as the team 'in need' during the match, and that led me to the following- "A team in need is in need indeed". I know its great, apt and cheeky. The first one is me, the last two is as per the words of another one of my handful of friends. Another thing that bothers me is that its been 10 years since I laid my hands on my first computer, yet to the present day I cannot type from the keyboard for a reasonable duration without looking at it. I loved it during my very early days when I saw this guy at a local cafe type relentlessly without even a peek. Then there's J2ME left to be mastered. Huh! The impending revision of C++ and Java. Once again, too much in the offing.
I learnt a nice word today- 'Ostensibly'; by the way, the day wasn't bad at all except for the thinking. I'll come back to that later. I was up by 10.30, I showered, blah'd, blah'd some more and then I started with STAR WARS- The Jedi Academy Trilogy Part 1. I read a 100 pages of the same before moving on and watching 'The Godfather 2' by Mario Puzo and I loved Al Pacino; seriously, a memorable performance indeed; and by corollary of my earlier proverb, to put to rest this excruciatingly exasperating sentence, "A  memorable performance in need is a memorable performance indeed. 

Finally, I had a time watching the football fixture I alluded to earlier and now I'm blogging,
Now I'm not.


Availing SUCK minimize effect in Mac OS X

There are 3 minimize effects in Mac OS X, out of which 2 are given as a standard choice. They are:
1. Scale effect (default), and
2. Genie effect

The third effect is hidden and can be enabled by means of a terminal command.
Without further ado, here it is:

"defaults write mineffect suck" [Enter]

Try it out by double clicking on the title bar of any window or by clicking on the minimize button. The suck effect is one of the many ways to add a hint of customization to one's Macintosh.

Mac OS X Leopard first login

Mac OS X Leopard X86 setup video