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Shaking Off The Dust

Hey there!
I don't know why, but I always see you strolling around this garden. The recesses of my thought are all but filled with your odour, of jasmines and what not! I ponder over your ubiquity, and the ulterior motive of the Divines for making me so, self-righteous and what not! I fumble when I speak, and stumble when I walk; whispering to myself in the metaphorical caverns of poor thought. Some of them rhyme, and then there are those that stink, like the pungent smell of Sulfur. Have you ever had the chance of smelling Sulfur? Would you know if you did?

I look at all my books, obsessively kept in order, black after black, and thick before the thin ones. Then come the notes, of the realm of old. The servile flatterer on his knees, justifying his moniker and inherently ignorant, not to leave inept. I wish I am not one of them, living in my own dark corner.


Votive Offering

Today is the day
When I take it upon myself
To not be an ingrate
And be thankful to my inspiration

I try not to be sardonic
My cynicism must not be given into
This deserves to be a conservative affair
Where colors never fade
Beautiful things not revered for just their beauty

I will kill a trespasser
A critic
Or a cynical bird
If there is one in this room
I will risk not a breath
And I stand by but each word

Now that we’re clear on that one
Let me have my solemn moment
And then describe to you my inspiration
I stare at it relentlessly
And if I may ingratiate myself, flawlessly
My penchant
The source of all good
And evil to me
The cradle of words, notes and harmony
Devourer of innocence
Mantelpiece of my living-room
My Pandora

Tomorrow marks the beginning
Of a different man in me
Yes! I deferred my fervor
But nevertheless, I am in gratitude
And though no one else sees you –
The Metaphor –
I do


Jean Gray

Once every few months
The dreaded storm approaches
Too close for comfort
A little too personal
Keeping within itself
Some pages, no leaves
And purposefully dramatic
Sarcasm, derision, and no blood

Evading a touch, spark
All it can
Flummox, Confusticate, Maraud
Even help a stranger
To keep the legend alive
Strike just the one
And the perfect exhibition
Of prolonged lightheartedness

At first glance
Self-obsessed, narcissistic, not alone
At second glance
Brooding, Baleful, still not alone

I see a girl inside
Deep inside
Maybe she isn't there
But I see her
And what now?
How I always know to stay away
Yet prove to all that I knew nothing to begin with...
(More to follow)


παρεξηγημένος (Misunderstood)

The tale is of Theophylaktos and an ineffable beauty, feared by those who stick to surfaces and revered by the peoples of old. The situations are self-descriptive and modicums are not dwelled into. With that, I proceed.

Theophylaktos (guarded by God) is drowning. He is told to not move too much and just let water guide him to the inevitable fate that lay ahead. He hesitates, wanting not to be duped. At a later time, and with no foreseeable choice, he submits himself to the mercy and whims of the river Bisaltes. Known to be an ancient mighty river, he knew not of its connexion with the Aegean. At that moment, it seemed to him that he was entrapped, and Bisaltes was but a herald of the dreaded Styx. There came to him a vision, none other than The Watcher himself. He opened Theophylaktos’ eyes to the beauty that lay before his very senses, and all around him.

Thence came a realization. He saw the deer and peoples living in harmony, propounding to him that relish waits ahead. It was the perfect day for hunting, but no one there would feed on the other kind’s life. It occurred to him that all knew him by his name. He began to revel, to float and become stable. In time, he would glide over and above the mighty and pitiful Bisaltes.

He rose to the banks, his heart lightened by the beautiful smile on people’s faces. He rode on the back of deer, drank milk and basked in this shared affluence; and just when he was about to lie down on the wet and glowing grass, he saw a woman.

Unlike all others, no light emanated from her body. Her posture symbolized wounds of a strife and glory-taken-away. Yet, her beauty was above all, even with the realization that he hadn’t seen her face still. He went to her at once; and intending to kiss her and bring joy to one another, he grabs her by the hip, and puts his fingers in her golden hair. She turns back and looks at him. He took a great bow and then looked up, straight on her.

It was Medusa.


February 17, 2011

There are times, a lot of those, when I get disappointed and cut myself off from some people whom I know; if only it was more evident that a blog isn’t without a cause. In layman terms, this is the place that I choose to get away at.

Distracting myself from the crux of the moment for a bit, the Java update popped on top of all my windows and to my face. Well, its not 3D but its good enough to be exaggerated. Anyway, coming back to the point, if one had ever had the time to go through my earlier posts, one would know that I am very affirmative and inclined to some of my greatest likes. One among them is well above others on my priority list. That something is Football Club Barcelona with Xavier Hernandez Creus, Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol as an integral part to mention a few.

Sometomes, I wonder why I like them the amount that I do. The problem with the excessive amount of inclination towards them is that one tends to expect the highest standards for one’s own sake; after all, no matter how much I shout about my passion towards anything, one would care the most about themselves and their ego and all that. Drat! My sentences are really very long and obfuscated. Also, one aspect that I like to stick to, is to not get carried away with emotions and heat of the moment(s).

With that in mind, I say no more. Let the untold speak for itself, or not. I hope that I don’t indulge in writing getaway anecdotes like this anymore. The form of speech/writing is highly cliche’d; and so is the word itself. Have a good night.



Tremble my friend when I look
For it does not mean
that I put myself where you are
I do it for your harm
And mine too

But hold there; it doesn't stop

It gets worse
I spend one year trying to break you
To gnaw you and your very mind


You there
Wearing that dress - 'Posing as a puritan white'
What if they run out of it?
You'll wince, and I'll look
Just as I always do
You can't kill me
Only I can do that
And I may.


Installing Microsoft Windows 7 from a USB device

Here, one mainly concentrates on making a Windows 7 Bootable USB drive. For that, you need one USB stick, one err...anyway, you'll get to know.

(1) Download the Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe from Microsoft Store (or wherever). If one is facing a conundrum as to which link should be clicked first (or at all), you may click either. I don't know why I do that.

(2) As you may have guessed by its name, this is the software which shall be employed to burn Windows 7 ISO image to a USB stick (the needful).

Note: You must have Administrator privileges on the computer where you are to install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Also, Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher is required.

(3) Once you are sure of what you have, install it.

(4) If you have downloaded a genuine ISO from the Microsoft Store, skip steps 5 to 7.

It appears that there are two (possibly more) “navigation buoys” within UDF-formatted ISOs that point to two important chunks of the image called Anchor Volume Descriptor Pointers (AVDPs). The first AVDP is near the top of the image, and the second is in (possibly) the last logical block of the image. From what I have come across (by reading articles), this is to support bi-directional reading.

Ergo, assuming each logical block to be 2048 bytes in size, the second AVDP is -2048 bytes from the end of the file; which is what the tool assumes, doesn’t find it and wouldn’t work.

I suppose ISOs downloaded from the Microsoft Store are comprised in a compatible manner so that the situation would not arise. In order to use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool with Custom ISOs, you can employ the following software. It finds the AVDP in one’s Custom ISO file and copies it to offset (EOF-2048).

(5) Download isoavdpcopy.exe to do the needful as discussed above.

(6) Arrange a situation where isoadvpcopy.exe and your Custom Windows 7 ISO file are in the same folder.

(7) Open Command Interpreter pointing to that very directory, and type in the following:

[command] isoavdpcopy.exe <name_of_iso.iso> [Enter]

(8) Launch the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

(9) Click on Browse, select the ISO file from its location and press Next.

(10) Click on USB device in Step 2, choose your USB device if it doesn’t pick one for you automatically or whatever else the reason.

(11) Select Begin Copying, hold your patience and that should be it. Hope I helped.