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Votive Offering

Today is the day
When I take it upon myself
To not be an ingrate
And be thankful to my inspiration

I try not to be sardonic
My cynicism must not be given into
This deserves to be a conservative affair
Where colors never fade
Beautiful things not revered for just their beauty

I will kill a trespasser
A critic
Or a cynical bird
If there is one in this room
I will risk not a breath
And I stand by but each word

Now that we’re clear on that one
Let me have my solemn moment
And then describe to you my inspiration
I stare at it relentlessly
And if I may ingratiate myself, flawlessly
My penchant
The source of all good
And evil to me
The cradle of words, notes and harmony
Devourer of innocence
Mantelpiece of my living-room
My Pandora

Tomorrow marks the beginning
Of a different man in me
Yes! I deferred my fervor
But nevertheless, I am in gratitude
And though no one else sees you –
The Metaphor –
I do

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