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Installation of Mac OS X Leopard on a X86 based PC (featuring iATKOS 1.0 R2 installer)


1. A X86  based PC with sound specs (preferably atleast a GB of memory)
2. iATKOS 1.0 R2 installation DVD
3. A minimum of 10 GB hard disk space to spare
4. Processor: Intel Core 2 duo upwards
5. Windows 7 / Vista
6. Acronis Disk Director suite
7. Acronis bootable disk
8. Your lucky day (or night)


1. Before venturing into anything, one would be required of to make an appropriately sized HFS parition on which OSX Leopard is to be installed.
2. Open Acronis Disk Director suite, pick the drive from which you intend to scrap the needed space, right click on the same, click RESIZE and let the dialog box appear.
3. Resize the disk size using the slider until one has the free space one was hoping for. OKay it. The freed space should appear as UNALLOCATED. If I were you, I'd commit now.
4. Boot into Windows installation and open Command Prompt { Start < All Program < Accessories < Command prompt } With Administrative Privillage and run following commands.
5. In command prompt type DISKPART and press enter . Here we are using DISKPART for making HFS compatible Partition.

Command Preface

DISKPART> list disk // This will show you a list of selectable disks
DISKPART> select disk n
/*[where n = the disk number]
This will specify which disk to create a new partition on.*/
DISKPART> create partition primary size=n id=af
/*[where n = the size in MB of the partition, For 20 gb space n will be 20000 ]
[where af = hfs+ compatible]
Will proceed to create a bootable primary partition
for the Mac*/
DISKPART> list partition /* This command will show you the partitions on your selected disk */
DISKPART> select partition n
/*[where n = the newly created OSX partition]
This will specify the partition*/
DISKPART> active  /* This will make your OS X partition the first-boot active partition */
DISKPART> Exit //Exit from DiskPart………..

6. In Windows Vista you must disable User Account Control [UAC].
7. Put your DVD in rom and restart your computer with the DVD in Drive, now you should see Darwin load screen.
8. As the countdown begins, press any key other than F8, or for that matter, exempting any function keys.
9. If everything goes fine after 15-30 minutes, installation screen appears. Hold your breath, we are not quit yet.
10. On the top, a menu bar appears click Utilities >> Disk Utility.
11. Here select the destination drive where you want to install MAC OS X.
12. Now click on ERASE on right hand side and under the format option select ” MAC OS X Journaled (Extended) ” and click Erase. Now the disk will be erased and mounted. Once this is done, you are very near to your destination.
13. Now close the disk utility and click on the partition which you created in the previous step.
14. One has arrived at the most important step of the way, the CUSTOMIZE option. Click on that and a dialog with myriad options appear. Choose wisely. Besides the ‘picked by default’ iATKOS loader, I’d suggest to pick the STOCK KERNEL only, which is the one just after DARWIN X86 BOOTLOADER and the former with three sub-options. Once you’ve picked as I told, the three sub-options shall be picked too. Let that be and click on Okay.
Note: For most of the INTEL based systems Vanilla Kernel works very smoothly & for AMD system try Voodoo kernel. It is also recommended to remove all the extra unnecessary languages as they take up about 2 gigs.
15. Now your disk will be checked for consistency; that set and done, installation begins. It will take 30-45 minutes, depending on one’s hardware.
This may take a while in case of non-optimal processors; ergo I would suggest that you get yourself a haircut or a quick nap in the time. I personally, chose to pet my neighbor’s dog.
16. Once the installation finishes, reboot with the DVD in the drive. Press F8 at Darwin Boot Loader and type –s (indicative of single user mode) and press enter.
Execute the following commands :

a. fdisk –e /dev/rdisk0 [Enter]
b. print [Enter]
The previous command will list the drives on your computer’s disk, with an asterisk to the  left of only one of those. Note the one which is marked with a “*”.
c. flag n [Enter] //(where n= marked drive number)
d. update [Enter]
e. write [Enter]
f. quit [Enter]
g. reboot [Enter]

17. Now before the PC restarts remove the DVD. At this point you should be able to boot into 7 normally.
Now you have two options, either boot with Darwin Bootloader or use Windows 7 bootloader.
18. I picked the latter, therefore we’ll be tackling to let one boot through Windows 7 bootloader.
19. Restart your computer with ACRONIS bootable disk in your drive.
20. Wait for ACRONIS DISK DIRECTOR to show itself.
21. Set the drive with Microsoft Windows 7 installed on it as ACTIVE.
22. COMMIT and restart with WINDOWS 7 DVD in your computer’s drive. One is required to repair their windows using the dvd at hand (or rather in the drive).
23. Once repaired, the computer is restarted without the 7 dvd inside.
24. At this point, you should be able to see the normal WINDOWS boot screen, without an option to boot into MAC OSX Leopard.
25. Log into 7, switch on the internet and download EasyBCD 2.0 (whichever the latest version).
26. Open it once installed, click on ADD NEW ENTRY, pick the MAC tab, supply the name, pick MBR as mode, and click on ADD ENTRY. With all this done, close it and restart your PC.
27. The updated OS selection screen should display an option by your given name to boot into MAC OSX Leopard.
28. Voila! The caprice of fate and the valor of thee has fetched you a running MAC OSX Leopard. Enjoy it; though remember, it has all been made possible due to one's friendly neighborhood MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE and of course, yours truly.
29. I may guide you on how to update yours to MAC OSX 10.5.8 and furthermore, installing appropriate graphics card and Ethernet drivers, but I would leave that to some other time.
30. Adios muchacha!


The worldly things that define me...

In course of time, there are certain things that have come to the foreground in defining who I am; so much so that I'd consider them as the worldly things that define my personality and character. I have a very strong inclination towards J.R.R.Tolkien's legendary tale, THE LORD OF THE RINGS and its prequel, THE HOBBIT. I intend to buy the original text pretty soon; henceforth you'll get to know when I do. I have seen the movie based on it a great number of times, and everytime I've had the same fervour, if not more.

Moving on, music  for me is defined by the songs of heavy metal band DREAM THEATERthe far greater LED ZEPPELIN, also GNR and U2 (many others implicit). Among my favourite songs would be 'ONE LAST TIME' by Dream Theater and 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN' by Led Zeppelin.

A mention of my penchants would be far too incomplete without FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA. I never miss their fixtures and am very fond of people who have the same love for them as I do. The guys that have got me into football would have to be LIONEL MESSI, XAVI HERNANDEZ, GERRARD PIQUE, and CARLES PUYOL among many others (mostly from ESPANA). Its not a pickle to guess that SPAIN is the team for me. According to me, FCB and ESPANA have epitomized the passing style which is no less than ART IN MOTIONI can go on and on, but I surmise I've made my point.

Now, over to the intellectual realm, and by that I intend to allude to my two favorite books, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen and THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by J.D.Salinger. The former being an all-time classic and the latter is a perfect representation of my 'piece of mind'. It goes without saying that I'm yearning to read the epic by Tolkien as soon as I may get the opportunity to lay my hands on it.
Also, I cannot help but mention that Jean Paul Levesque aka TRIPLE H is my all time highest-rated wrestler and one of the most impressive personalities, atleast as far as I'm considered.

Last and least (just for the pun of it), I have a special something (as in a soft corner) for technology. The company I look up to is APPLE, I yearn to hopefully possess a 27" iMAC someday very soon. Man! that sure would be a heck of a gift if you decide to give me one. Anyway, as slim is the likeliness of that happening, I quench my thirst by reading about it day and night. From what I've read, I wish and crave to work on and cherish MAC OS X SNOW LEOPARDI can't stop thinking about it.

Let's see (what else...), the game I've enjoyed the most playing in recent times would be NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT; an all-time best game in perspective is going to be HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED (after all, 'tis the first edition that lays the foundation).
That is most of the stuff which I love and rejoice; I may write about all the things that repulse and vex me, then again, I can just say cya ('til I come up with a newer and fresher post).

The Coterie, Dreamer and ramifications

(The best I've heard, the best I'll manage to hear)
Once more was the occasion when he dreamt of
the land of Hector, the men who tamed the horses, the best of those;
the best of any. This was his land now. No more could he 
belong to any other realm. The kings were his benefactor, 
and he was their preferred subject.

His chest replete with pride and his mind with wisdom, 
that man set sail to defend his country, salvage the spotlight
which illuminated thousands of his brothers who stood by him in thick
and thin. He perpetually honoured the Gods, loved his woman
and stood apothegmatic on the reason and consequence of divinity.
Perhaps, his beauty lay in the fact that he too, was doomed.

Kept still on a frozen white night
The dew wet his lips 
And at that wonderous moment
It felt to him
as nothing short of a spark of light
The gift of game
that ressurected the man in him
A fearful man
with a heart turned to stone
Long long ago

The dew only fetched his senses aback
The tale never goes on
To dictate a change of heart
Or prophesize a restoration of peace
For he was a soldier
Much too used to wars
So much so
That peace confused him
and made him question his own reasoning