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The worldly things that define me...

In course of time, there are certain things that have come to the foreground in defining who I am; so much so that I'd consider them as the worldly things that define my personality and character. I have a very strong inclination towards J.R.R.Tolkien's legendary tale, THE LORD OF THE RINGS and its prequel, THE HOBBIT. I intend to buy the original text pretty soon; henceforth you'll get to know when I do. I have seen the movie based on it a great number of times, and everytime I've had the same fervour, if not more.

Moving on, music  for me is defined by the songs of heavy metal band DREAM THEATERthe far greater LED ZEPPELIN, also GNR and U2 (many others implicit). Among my favourite songs would be 'ONE LAST TIME' by Dream Theater and 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN' by Led Zeppelin.

A mention of my penchants would be far too incomplete without FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA. I never miss their fixtures and am very fond of people who have the same love for them as I do. The guys that have got me into football would have to be LIONEL MESSI, XAVI HERNANDEZ, GERRARD PIQUE, and CARLES PUYOL among many others (mostly from ESPANA). Its not a pickle to guess that SPAIN is the team for me. According to me, FCB and ESPANA have epitomized the passing style which is no less than ART IN MOTIONI can go on and on, but I surmise I've made my point.

Now, over to the intellectual realm, and by that I intend to allude to my two favorite books, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen and THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by J.D.Salinger. The former being an all-time classic and the latter is a perfect representation of my 'piece of mind'. It goes without saying that I'm yearning to read the epic by Tolkien as soon as I may get the opportunity to lay my hands on it.
Also, I cannot help but mention that Jean Paul Levesque aka TRIPLE H is my all time highest-rated wrestler and one of the most impressive personalities, atleast as far as I'm considered.

Last and least (just for the pun of it), I have a special something (as in a soft corner) for technology. The company I look up to is APPLE, I yearn to hopefully possess a 27" iMAC someday very soon. Man! that sure would be a heck of a gift if you decide to give me one. Anyway, as slim is the likeliness of that happening, I quench my thirst by reading about it day and night. From what I've read, I wish and crave to work on and cherish MAC OS X SNOW LEOPARDI can't stop thinking about it.

Let's see (what else...), the game I've enjoyed the most playing in recent times would be NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT; an all-time best game in perspective is going to be HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED (after all, 'tis the first edition that lays the foundation).
That is most of the stuff which I love and rejoice; I may write about all the things that repulse and vex me, then again, I can just say cya ('til I come up with a newer and fresher post).

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