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February 13, 2011

Hey (with a sigh of veiled disappointment).
I am disappointed because I'm discontent with a couple o' things, in my room particularly, that I feel are holding me back. Let me take this opportunity to enumerate them. The first of those is my VDU, which is only 19" from top left to bottom right, and that is supposed to eat me from the inside. Also, it is LCD and not LED, which I presume and state with a bit of conviction, is a tad bit better. One's LCD is also way too small and puny for any comfort. 'Comfort', the other heartless bitch besides 'gravity', always seems to elude me, or so it seems. I'm sure all ones must feel the same. It's only human.
I now turn my focus towards my other source of disarray- 'NVIDIA XFX 9400 GT (1 gigs of VRAM)'. I got it a year and two months back, a time when I was elated to be a proud owner of that. I still am, only with the exception that it serves all but its main motive- gaming. I take this valid 'opportunity' to digress and tell you a real story. A long time ago, in a land far far away, as I was browsing through a number of NVIDIA forums, I came across a post written by a guy who went on to say that 9400, 9500, and 9800 are not under any set of conditions, gaming GPUs, and that they are meant for lending support to business and graphics intensive applications; and if I went on to add something, proper supplements to Windows 7 for somewhat flawless rendering of the AERO effects. End of story.
It is now when I ponder over it that I realize how precise he was. I am really discontent with the flawed gaming support that 9400 GT has lent me. 
As a result of all this, I have decided to soon purchase a better machine, with a much faster and overclocking friendly processor, motherboard and chipset combination, a 400 GTS series GPU, or whichever is the juiciest at the time of purchase and a LED monitor as large as money can get and I can afford.

I have got a lot to add to this, but I rest it over here at this point of time and space.

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