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My love
Your face and your smile
Your melancholy and your twirl
Lift me out of my bed, my sunshine
My special someone

My star
You're distant and ethereal
Perfection like no other
That I could only gaze and yearn
And speak of to others

My lover
Is that you?
You're my lover?
I must be dreaming
It couldn't be true
Oh, but you're breathing

In front of me, there
Stay put and don't leave
Now I'm not very good
But I'll try and improve
Until it'll do

I tried and I craved
Of something even greater
I think there's confusion
I can be even better

Now, what is this thing
This thought, my obsession
You're good, said she
But I think not, my lady

He would never sleep
And later, wouldn't eat
What did he do then?
You're really good, said she

He still wouldn't settle
In the perfection of her ways
He smiled when she did
When she didn't, he'd rot

He rusted in the rain
Intermittent or persistent
He ruined himself
Every time they were distant

In the end
He was dull
He was dark, nothing else
He'd smile in his sickness
Which came over time
And took over all the rhymes

I have gone insane
I only wanted to see you happy
The once bright light
In your eyes and your ears
And your hair, everywhere
I killed it, a demon
That's me, a lizard
A lizard and a demon
Clinging and wet
And nothing good about me
I meant no harm
But my ways are pathetic
So go on
My love
My obsession
My bliss
You are a star
My days are over

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